It's Time to Train

Tennis is an evolution that never stops, whether you train to get better or play just for fun.   There is always something you can change to enhance your game.

SVE Tennis Club Training

Weekly Practice 1:00PM

Weekly Practice 2:30PM 4.0/4.5

Practice for each level is scheduled weekly.  Coaches will introduce and drill new techniques and reinforce old one’s. 

“You have goals every time you play a game. Why not set goals before each practice. Make practice your own game, against yourself – and win it!”

TJay Taylor

1.5 – Tuesday

2.0 – Friday

2.5 – Wednesday

3.0 – Monday

3.5 – Thursday

4.0/4.5 – Tuesday

Playing Tips

Tennis Tips to Improve your game

Training Videos

Online videos, watch, practice and enhance your game through free online videos.


One of the overlooked components in tennis. Stretching can aide in injury prevention.

Tennis Lessons

These lessons were compiled from various internet sources by Henri Rochette (from Valle Del Oro).