Captains Guidelines

SVE Captains are a key component in making EVSTL league play run smoothly.

A good captains makes the hard decisions, stands up for all team members, ensures a consistent form of team communication and possesses strong leadership skills.

Captains Handbook

2019 Captains Handbook

Captains Training

EVSTL Training Guide

OM Guidelines

OM allows captains to keep all team members playing every week.Click on link above and look under Brenda Wile (OM Coordinator) for all EVSTL level spreadsheets

Friend at the Court

USTA Handbook of Rules and Guidelines


Current SVE Scorekeepers Contact List

EVSTL Foot Fault

Guidelines to the Foot Fault Rule

NTRP Guidelines

Rating Players for EVSTL Team Placement

NTRP Characteristics

NTRP General Tennis Level Characteristics

SVE Rating Policy

SVE Club Ratings Policy

Match Play Log

Printable version of Play Log

SVE Ratings Form

SVE Ratings From - used by the Ratings Committee to place new or returning members to an SVE Team

SVE Captains